In my years of loan modification experience in the State of Florida, I’ve noticed several improvements in the loan modification process. The improvement that recently stands out to me the most comes courtesy of Bank of America. Bank of American has recently begun to implement a much more efficient method of collecting and reviewing documents for loan modifications. Now home owners are able to submit their documents for a loan modification via


The reason this method of collecting documents for a loan modification is so much more efficient than those methods used by other lenders is because the problem with other lenders is that they are unable to properly manage their files. Many lenders either lose the documents sent to them by the homeowners or they fail to upload them into their systems and thus allow the loan modification to fall through the cracks. Using Bank of America’s new method not only automatically uploads the documents into their modification review system. This system also assigns an analyst to review the information immediately rather than having to wait as long as 30 days to simply have an analyst assigned to review your documents.  


            Hopefully, procedures such as Bank of America uploading system will continue to catch on and allow the loan modification process to become, easier quicker and simply better.