Florida Civil Law Notary

A Florida civil-law notary, also known as a Florida International Notary, is an officer appointed by the Department of State, rather than the governor, who holds the powers traditionally delegated to notaries in civil-law countries. Although under Florida law, civil-law notaries have all of the same powers and duties as notaries public, they also have much broader and less-regulated authority.

A Florida Civil-law notary can make determinations as to alleged status or capacity. These determinations are found at the end of the document in what are referred to as “notarial acts”. A Florida Civil-Law notary must be members of the Florida Bar for at least 5 years who practice international law. What makes civil-law notaries so different from regular notaries public is that they are responsible for the entire content of the document not just ascertain the signature of the person. Typically, the documents that civil-law notaries involve themselves in are  contracts, wills, trusts, documents for international use and other business transaction documents. Whereas a regular notary would simply add an acknowledgment to the end of the document, whereby the signers of the document acknowledge having signed the document willingly, a civil-law notary certifies the actual contents of the document.

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Florida Civil Law Notary



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