Real Estate Closings In Fisher Island, Florida

When purchasing real estate at Fisher Island, Florida,  you should seek the advise of an experienced real estate attorney. You should also inquire as to whether the attorney your are considering hiring has performed real estate closings in Fisher Island, Florida prior to contracting the attorney. There are specific issues related to Fisher Island that prior experience  or prior dealings by the attorney representing you would make the real estate closing easier and the representation more effective.

Fisher Island has multiple condo associations that your attorney would need to obtain approvals and estoppels from. Fisher island has the Bayside village Condominium Association which requires that you obtain a Certificate of Assessment before closing. Fisher Island also has a master association  called the Fisher Island Community Association (FICA). The process for the buyer to be approved by the association is quite time consuming and when setting contractual deadlines you need to provide yourself sufficient time to obtain the necessary approvals from the association or you should also condition the purchase on approvals from the association.

Fisher Island also has a very high end club, called the Fisher Island Club that has various forms of membership to residents and non-residents of Fisher Island. The Club has different types of memberships from an introductory membership, a annual membership and equity membership. Membership is quite expensive, however it is not required. Membership to the Fisher Island Club is not a prerequisite to closing your transaction at Fisher Island. If you have any questions, regarding a real estate closing at Fisher Island, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 305-227-4030.

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