Florida Construction Law: 5 Common Causes of Defect Claims

For construction companies, one of the biggest causes for legal concern is defect claims. These claims can occur at almost any time, even several years after the construction is completed, which is why they are so hard to plan for, and defend against. Learning about some of the most common causes of defect claims can help you to take proactive steps to reduce the risk of defects on all future projects.

Defective Building Materials

One of the biggest causes of defect claims is that something in the house fails due to defective building materials. This could be something major like support beams or roofing rafters, or something less significant like a door jamb. Construction companies need to make sure they are purchasing good quality building materials from reputable suppliers to help ensure the safety of their projects, and reduce the risk of defect claims.

Negligent Construction Practices

Another potential risk is when the people doing the actual construction work are taking shortcut or engaging in other negligent activities. For example, if rafters should be secured using a set number of screws every set distance, and the builders don’t use enough of them, or replace screws with nails, it could leave the company open to a defect claim.

Improper or Insufficient Soil Analysis and Planning

Learning about the soil where a construction project is going to take place is extremely important. Understanding how dense the soil is, what it is made from, and other factors can provide insight into how much settling a structure will have, how quickly rainwater will be absorbed, and much more. If this is not properly done, it can lead to a wide range of issues with the house or building down the road.

Poor Site Selection and/or Planning

Choosing the site of a construction project based on the size and type of building that is being built is absolutely critical. This process looks at a variety of factors including the weather in the area, the ground structure, and more. If done improperly, or not at all, the construction project is at significant risk right from the start.

Faulty Drainage

When working on almost any construction project, keeping drainage in mind is essential. This includes everything from making sure the roof is properly slanted to allow rainwater to easily run off, to the rain gutters (if applicable) that will direct the water away from the structure, and even to the landscaping that should help the water to run away from the foundation of the home or building. Without proper drainage planning, the foundation of the building could leak or weaken over time.

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