4 Tips for Creating a Great Parenting Plan

Creating a great parenting plan for your children isn’t nearly as easy as many people think. Both parents involved are going to inevitably have different opinions on what is best for each situation, and neither is going to get everything that they want. There are endless resources available that explain the specific topics that should be included in a parenting plan, and your attorney will help you with that as well. This blog, however, offers some insights on how to create a great parenting plan that will meet your needs, and the needs of your children.

Start with Areas of Agreement

When discussing a parenting plan with your ex, it is a good idea to start out by looking at areas of agreement and getting those done first. For example, if you both agree that your children should go to a specific school, be raised in a particular religious faith, and get all recommended vaccinations, you can complete those areas of the plan without any conflict. This not only helps to make progress, but it can also set the tone for how to work together on areas where there may not be agreement.

Put Your Children First

While everyone believes that they always put their children first, it is surprisingly difficult for most people to really look objectively at a situation, so they end up putting their own interests first. When making any type of decision for the parenting plan, take a few minutes to really consider whether what you want is really best for your children. If it absolutely is in their best interests, fight for it! If it is not in their best interests, concede to the other parent. If both your desires and those of your ex are equally good for your children, consider using those types of things for areas of negotiation and compromise.

Be as Detailed as Possible for Parenting Time

Be as detailed and specific as you can when it comes to creating a parenting plan. For example, don’t just say that the mother will have the child on Mondays. Instead, say that the mother will pick up the child from the father on Monday morning at 8AM. She will provide the transportation to get the child, and will keep the child until Tuesday at 11AM. The more detail you can include, the less risk for conflict or misunderstandings there will be.

Cover as Many Subjects as You Can

Everyone knows that a parenting plan has to include things like who will have physical custody at what times, what happens on holidays, who will make certain decisions, and things like that. While these are essential, there are many additional items that can be added in based on the unique situation that you and your children are in. The more areas you can cover, the smoother the upcoming years will go.

Get the Help You Need

Remember, a parenting plan is not just an agreement on how you will effectively share parenting responsibilities with your ex. It is also a legal document that the courts will enforce. With this in mind, it is important to have an attorney there to help you throughout the process. Visit our website for more information on how we can help you here. Contact The Law Office of Ray Garcia to set up a consultation and begin this important process right away.

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