Understanding the TRIM Notice

Each year, on January 1st, Florida sets the property tax assessments for properties in the state. The amounts determined in January will be sent out to property owners in August in the form of a TRIM notice. TRIM stands for Truth in Millage, and essentially lets you know what your total property tax assessment is. If you feel that your assessed property tax amount is inaccurate or unreasonable, it is important to act quickly to file an appeal.

Importance of TRIM Notices

The TRIM notice will come from the Property Appraiser’s Office and will contain all the information you need to either pay your property taxes, or appeal the amount they say you owe. The way the numbers on your notice are determined can be quite complex, and will factor in things like the type of property, any improvements that are made, the price other properties nearby are selling for, and the overall Florida property market. Whether paying taxes or appealing, this notice will contain the most important information that you need.

Understanding Appeals

When appealing the taxed amount, it is important to know that everything will be based on the value of the property on January 1st of that year. If there have been any improvements, or any changes to the market since January 1st, they won’t be taken into account at this time. When the assessments are done again next January, all these types of changes will be applied.

If you do need to file an appeal, it must be done within thirty days of the TRIM notice being issued. Filing for an appeal will trigger a number of different events including a possible hearing or a negotiation of the property value. If you go through a hearing and you still don’t agree with what the Special Magistrate recommends, a further appeal can be filed. This will be done by filing a suit in the Circuit Court. This must be done within 60 days of having the results from the original appeal mailed to you.

Don’t Appeal on Your Own

Appealing property tax appraisals is not an intuitive process, and there are quite a few different requirements that must be met in order to be successful. Working with the Law Office of Ray Garcia will ensure everything is handled correctly from beginning to end. We will even do all necessary investigations into the property value, including assessments of what other similar properties in the area sold for, to give you the best chance at success. If you want to learn more about TRIM notices or begin an appeal process, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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