5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving Forward with Divorce

It may sound odd coming from a divorce attorney, but it is never a good idea to rush into a divorce. Marriage is a serious commitment and should only be ended after very serious consideration. If you are considering a divorce, it is important to stop, take a step back, and ask yourself some very important questions before moving forward. If at all possible, it is better to fix a troubled marriage than it is to end one.

Have We Tried Everything to Save the Marriage?

Many couples have thought their marriage problems are insurmountable, but once they sought the help of a qualified marriage counselor, they realized they were wrong. Professional therapists who specialize in helping married couples can provide invaluable assistance, even in seemingly hopeless situations. You don’t want to end a marriage without being able to say you have tried everything, so if you haven’t already, make sure to meet with a marriage therapist to give it one last chance.

Have I Tried Everything I Can Do to Save the Marriage?

In addition to trying everything as a couple to save your marriage, it is also important to work on yourself as an individual. Even if you aren’t able to save your current marriage, it is a good idea to do some self-reflection to learn what you can do differently next time to avoid future relationship issues. Whether you see a counselor on your own, read good self-help books, or take a course on relationships or communication, make sure you try everything you can from your side of the relationship to fix your marriage.

Am I Financially Prepared for a Divorce (and Living Separately)?

If you do decide to move forward with a divorce, it is going to have some serious effects on your finances. Unless you are extremely wealthy, it will likely mean having to make some cuts in your budget and making some sacrifices. In addition, you need to figure out how you will be able to live on only your own income (and potentially child or spousal support, if you qualify). As much as you don’t want to make relationship decisions based on money, it is important to consider the financial impact of any decision you make.

Is This What is Best for the Children?

If you have children, you will want to ask yourself how a divorce will impact them. While staying in an unhealthy marriage isn’t ideal, it may be better than a divorce. As long as there isn’t any abuse or neglect involved, many experts have said that it is in the best interests of the children to remain married and attempt to fix whatever problems exist.

How Will This Impact My Lifestyle?

A divorce is going to impact virtually every aspect of your life. Your friends will change, your family will change, how you spend your time will change, and much more. It is unwise to assume that every aspect of your life is going to get better, so make sure you ask yourself how your lifestyle will be impacted and whether that will make you happy.

Discuss it With an Attorney

If after asking yourself these (and hopefully many other) questions, you still want a divorce, it is a good idea to speak with a qualified family law attorney. In addition to helping you with your divorce, we can help you to look at your situation and figure out how to best proceed. Contact us to discuss your situation and get the help you need.

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