What you should consider before purchasing a piece of land

You’ve found the perfect piece of land in which you envision your dream home built on or maybe you’ve found the right piece of land to build your business on. Whatever the scenario may be, the major thing to consider before you purchase that piece of land is what zoning regulations it has. Zoning law govern what can and what cannot be done with a piece land. Zoning laws are the reason homeowners do not have a store like Walmart right by their backyards or a sewage plant right by the playground. Zoning is of course a bit more complex than that. It consists of the division of land into subdivisions that carry a varying degree of restrictions on usage. 

Before purchasing a piece of land you should do some research with the County or the municipality it is in. There you will be able to find out the main usage your land will have. A piece of land in a suburban neighborhood will likely be clearly zoned for only residential purposes. When doing your research be sure to pay attention to the county’s long term use plan for the area and scheduled road-additions. This can mean the difference between a quiet or traffic filled area around your land. 

Having done your research is one of the components to successfully purchasing land but, there are still a few limitations that can impact what you can and cannot build on your land. Consulting an experienced attorney is the best way to make sure you are getting what you want and need when it comes to purchasing land. 

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