Can an Owner Sue a Business They Own?

Running a business is one of life’s greatest opportunities. Whether you started the business or became the owner through inheritance or by purchasing another company, it’s a massive opportunity to build generational wealth. Unfortunately, disputes arise even when you're the owner. One question that often comes up is whether a business owner can sue their own business. The simple answer to this is yes, it is possible. Read More

4 Advantages of Forming an LLC

The limited liability company (LLC) business structure has a rich history in the Sunshine State. After the first LLC was formed in 1977 in Wyoming, Florida was one of the early adopters. Still, in many respects, the LLC is a fairly new business structure. There are plenty of advantages for entrepreneurs who use this legal structure, which we explain below.  LLCs offer protection for an owner’s personal assets. Read More

Common Reasons for Wrongful Termination Suits in Florida

Florida, like most states, is an at-will state. This means employers may terminate a worker’s employment at any time, for any reason, with or without cause, and for any reason. Many states have certain exceptions for at-will employment, but Florida is among the handful of states that do not have any exceptions—except for wrongful terminations recognized by law.  Title VII Discrimination The federal Civil Rights Act Read More

What You Need to Include in Your Business Succession Plan

Building and maintaining a successful small business is not an easy thing to do, and it is, rightly, the signature achievement for many Americans whose hard work and determination over many years paid off. With that in mind, it can be a little puzzling when you consider that a significant portion of small business owners in this country—well over half—do not currently have a succession plan for handing the reins to Read More

Should Your Employees or Business Partners Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Every business is different, but many small and mid-sized businesses have a good amount of proprietary information that is crucial to their competitive edges in the free marketplace. In fact, proprietary information is the most valuable asset for many startup businesses. This information can include trade secrets, intellectual property, client details, unique processes, and other important information. Having an Read More

What Do Business Owners Often Miss When Starting Their Company?

You either ARE an entrepreneur or know one well. It’s no secret that they’re passionate, committed, hardworking, and busy people. Understandably, business owners spend (much) more than 40 hours per week simply trying to keep the lights on and turn a profit. It’s during these hectic times, often in a company’s early stages, that important legal considerations can fall by the wayside. We have chosen five of these Read More

4 Common Causes of Business Partnership Disputes

You wouldn’t have started your business partnership without having a pretty solid relationship with those you’re going into business with. You and your business partner might have known each other since elementary school or otherwise have grown up together.  Even the partnerships that start with the best of feelings, though, are vulnerable to potentially explosive disagreements that threaten the existence of the Read More

What Must a Corporate Name Include?

Written by: Nataline Garcia, Esq. If you have been considering creating a new business entity, there are certain requirements you must consider prior to incorporating. Under Florida Statute 607.040 a corporate name: Must contain the word “corporation,” “company,” or “incorporated” or the abbreviation “Corp.,” or “Inc.,” or “Co.,” or the designation “Corp,” or “Inc,” or “Co,” as will clearly indicate that it is a Read More

What are Florida Articles of Incorporation?

Written by: Nataline Garcia, Esq. Florida law requires that a new company, wishing to incorporate in the state of Florida, file articles of incorporation with the Florida Department of State.  The articles of incorporation are a formal set of documents filed with the State of Florida legally creating a business entity. Articles of incorporation generally contain important information related to the business such as Read More

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