4 Ways Divorced Parents Can Improve Their Communication

Some divorcing couples think that once the final papers are signed, they’ll never have to speak to their spouse again. For parents, it doesn’t quite work like that. Parents getting divorced tend to transition from living together and seeing each other every day to simply talking to each other every day and coordinating schedules. It isn’t quite the clean break that some couples would prefer. It can be frustrating to Read More

An Annulment is NOT the Same Things As a Divorce

Most spouses who are thinking of getting a divorce have also heard of the term annulment. Plenty of people believe that a divorce (called a dissolution of marriage in Florida) and annulment are synonymous. Simply put, that’s not the case.  It’s true that both legal procedures end with two unmarried individuals, but fundamental legal differences exist:  A divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage so that Read More

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