Advanced Strategies For Using Family Limited Partnerships In Estate Planning

Florida families with significant assets face a unique challenge: passing on their wealth while minimizing estate taxes. One solution is the Family Limited Partnership (FLP). This legal structure offers tax advantages, protection, and asset control. Understanding how FLPs function and their role in estate planning is crucial for anyone looking to secure their family's financial future. FLPs: More Than Just Tax Read More

Unique Estate Planning Needs and Challenges for Business Owners

Estate planning is a critical aspect of securing your legacy and ensuring your business assets are properly managed after you’re gone. For business owners, estate planning involves unique elements and challenges, as it must also address the complexities of business ownership and succession. We want to explore these unique estate planning challenges that business owners face and help you implement effective strategies Read More

3 Estate Planning Resolutions For 2022

The New Year is a great time to reflect on everything that changed in your life over the last twelve months and where you want to go from here. It is also a great time to check in on something directly related to your life - your Estate Plan. An Estate Plan is a legally-binding plan created with the help of an attorney that dictates what you want to happen to your remaining property, belongings, and money after you Read More

What Does ‘Undue Influence’ Actually Mean in the Context of Estate Planning?

When anyone leaves a Last Will and Testament, the chances are extremely high that their loved ones know what the document will say. After all, effective estate planning involves setting expectations for your heirs and beneficiaries.  On rare occasions, though, loved ones of the decedent are surprised at the terms of the Will. For instance, what made the testator change their mind about dividing the estate between Read More

How to Find a Good Trustee in Florida

Trusts, once thought to be estate planning documents only for the rich and famous, are being used by estate planners of all stripes and net worths. This legal arrangement transfers ownership of certain assets from an individual to the trust itself, which allows families to avoid probate (among other benefits).  The important people involved in a trust are the grantor (creator of the trust), beneficiary, and trustee. Read More

Which Power of Attorney Type Do You Need?

The term “power of attorney” is one that many people have heard in the context of estate planning. Simply put, power of attorney, which is a legal document, gives someone (the agent) to act on behalf of the document’s creator (the principal). What some people do not know is that there are multiple powers of attorney available to Floridians; this legal tool can do much more than allow someone to keep up with another Read More

Why You Need to Update Your Estate Plan During Your Divorce

No matter how amicable your divorce is, make no mistake: it IS a major life event. In many ways, it is the death of your previous life to pave the way for your new life. Necessary as divorce may be, it can still be overwhelming for many spouses. During this difficult time, it’s completely understandable for some things to slip through the cracks. One of these items is estate planning.  First, some good news: even if Read More

4 Ways to Hold Your Real Estate Title in Florida

Closing on a real estate transaction is always a hectic time, and it is easy to overlook small details in the mix. Something rarely planned for properly is the title to the property. When a real estate transaction closes, the title interest of the property changes from the previous owner to the buyer. What the buyer decides to hold as their title determines what could ultimately happen to the house, but most buyers Read More

Is a Life Estate Deed an Effective Estate Planning Tool?

Written by: Nataline Garcia, Esq. Many people come to me with the idea of creating a life estate deed to transfer their interest in their property. They believe it is a quick, affordable and effective way of protecting their interest in property. This article will explain the many foreseeable drawbacks in having a life estate deed prepared in place of other estate planning tools. A life estate deed effectively Read More

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