Finding Another Way: 4 Alternatives to Foreclosure

Getting behind on your mortgage is sometimes easier than you might think due to unemployment or unforeseen expenses that pop up. If you’re worried that you might lose your home to foreclosure, remember there are many options available to help you get caught up. If getting current on your mortgage is beyond reach, one of several solutions might work for you. Let’s explore 4 alternatives to foreclosure and some of the Read More

A Step-by-Step Guide to Florida Residential Foreclosures

Almost all foreclosures will of course begin with the homeowner missing payments on their mortgage. Usually, the lender will not take action against you until you have missed three payments. Once this occurs, the official foreclosure process will begin. Step 1 - The homeowner will be served with a breach letter from the lender stating that they have defaulted on their loan. Mortgages include an Acceleration clause Read More

5 Steps You Can Take to Avoid Foreclosure

In this world, bad things frequently happen to good people. Maybe you were in a car accident and suddenly unable to work. Maybe your company downsized and you were laid off. Whatever the reason, if you suddenly become unable to make your mortgage payments, you will find yourself in danger of foreclosure. If you stop making mortgage payments, your lender can legally force a sale of your home for the purpose of Read More

Florida Foreclosure Defense: Understand Your Options

These days, homeowners are challenging foreclosure actions and succeeding at higher levels than was normal even a couple of years ago. This trend is due, in a large part, to the revelation of fraudulent actions, predatory lending practices, and other questionable tactics on the part of lenders. Courts that formerly sided with lenders are now receptive to foreclosure challenges and decisions favoring homeowners are Read More

Five Reasons to Consider a Short Sale as an Alternative to Foreclosure

No homeowner desires foreclosure, but in today’s uncertain economic climate, many people end up losing their homes. Foreclosure proceedings can be drawn-out, stressful, and a tremendous strain on a homeowner’s credit, assets, and savings. Fortunately, an alternative exists for some people facing foreclosure. A short sale is a real estate transaction in which the bank lets a homeowner sell a property for less than Read More

Facing Eviction? Know Your Rights… Your Landlord Can’t Just Throw You Out!

Are you worried about being evicted? If so, we understand the stress that you are experiencing. The good news is that you DO have rights in this process. In today’s blog entry, we’re going to shed some light on the process of eviction and highlight your rights as a tenant. If you’re facing eviction, it’s important to speak to an attorney – and we can help! The process begins when our landlord gives you an eviction Read More

Florida Real Estate Law: How the Short Sale Process Works

A short sale is never a pleasant process. You’re losing your house. Not only that, but you’re dealing with a confusing process at a time when you’re emotionally drained anyway. If you or someone you know is facing a short sale, we hope we can help by shedding some light on the process. The specifics will vary depending on the lender and the details of the borrower’s financial situation, but this will give you a basic Read More

Florida Real Estate Law: Understanding the Short Sale

If you’re having trouble making your mortgage payments, you’re not alone. The troubled real estate market has left millions of homeowners unable to afford their housing payments, and even worse, owing more money on their homes than they are worth. (A condition known as being “underwater” on your mortgage.) A homeowner in this situation will often end up having their home foreclosed on. Unfortunately, foreclosure Read More


Joint efforts between the private and public sectors has resulted in eight (8) million non-foreclosure solutions completed for at-risk  families since 2007 throughout the country. Throughout these years Florida has been one of the hardest hit states in regards to the foreclosure crisis. According to HOPE NOW, a voluntary alliance of mortgage servicers, investors, mortgage insurers, and nonprofit housing counselors, Read More

Bankruptcy Myths

Deciding to file bankruptcy is a very difficult decision. When making this sort of decision you should always consult with a bankruptcy attorney. A bankruptcy attorney is someone who can help you decide if this is the correct option for you. A bankruptcy attorney is someone who could let you know the pros and cons of filing a bankruptcy. To help you get an idea, filing a bankruptcy and receiving relief from debt Read More

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