Estate Planning

Preserving and memorializing your wishes is important. The Law Office of Ray Garcia, P.A., strives to ensure that the client’s wishes are ultimately carried out by counseling clients and drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health directives.


Do you wish to avoid or minimize your exposure to the probate process? Do you wish to keep your assets and terms of your estate plan off the public record? Do you wish to avoid court guardianship proceedings in order to transfer the management of your assets in the event you are no longer competent to handle your own affairs? Do you own real property outside of Florida?

If any of the above apply to you, you may wish to consider a revocable trust whereby your assets are transferred into a trust to be operated by you, during your lifetime and upon your incapacity or death, you have a successor trustee carry out your wishes without court intervention, By having a trust prepared you do not lose any control of your assets whatsoever and the same time you may avoid the probate of your estate and simply have your trustee follow your directives saving thousands of dollars in probate costs. The revocable Trust is a private document and it does not need be filed with the court. This offers the advantage of privacy. Additionally, your wishes Your dispositions are not public record, as they are with a Will. That also reduces the possibility of your plan being challenged by any disgruntled heirs.


Wills allow you to preserve your wishes and direct your assets in accordance to your directives. Having a will allows you to avoid falling under Florida’s default statutory rules. A will is a great way to secure that your wishes are carried out and not be subject to the decision of someone other than yourself.


The care of your minor child is of the utmost importance. Name a guardian for your minor child(ren) in the event both parents should pass away, or for yourself in the event you become incapacitated. This will avoid having that decision made by a judge (a stranger in the family picture) when the need arises. We can assist you with this.

If there is no guardian designated for your minor child(ren), yourself, or your loved ones, the Law Office of Ray Garcia, P.A., can assist you in the drafting of the necessary documents for the assignation of a guardian to minors or other incapacitated persons, and guide you through the administration of such guardianship.

Health Directives

A health care directive is a written document that informs others of your wishes as it relates to your health care decisions. It allows you to name another person to decide your health care decisions for you if you are unable to decide health care decisions for yourself and to provide guidance as to your health care wishes.

The Law Office of Ray Garcia, P.A., can assist you and guide you through the process of drafting the necessary health care directives.

Power of Attorney:

The Law Office of Ray Garcia, P.A., can assist you in drafting power of attorney documents for the appointment of a person to manage your financial affairs if you become unable to do so, or in your absence if you are traveling or have other commitments that need to be addressed upon your absence.

If you have questions pertaining Wills, Trust & Estate Planning, need assistance drafting any of the above-mentioned documents, or have questions about any potential legal matter, contact the Law Office of Ray Garcia, P.A., for a consultation.

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