Business Extension on Filing Annual Report in Florida

Small businesses are required to file an annual report every year with the Florida Secretary of State. The form updates or confirms the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations' records. It is not a financial statement. As mentioned above, an annual report must be filed each year for your business entity to maintain an "active status" with the Department of State. Furthermore, it is required, whether or Read More

Unable to Pay For Your Home, Well in Florida You Have Rights

Just because you are not able to pay your mortgage it does not mean that you do not have a right to defend a foreclosure in Florida. Since Florida has had a large number of fraudulent loans originated, when defending a foreclosure, it is imperative to review all of the documents that you have in your possession from your closing. There are various federal laws and state laws that require lenders to comply with in Read More

HSBC Loses at Summary Judgment In Broward County, Florida

In HSBC v. Socorro Hernandez, Case No.: 08-53265 filed in the 17th Circuit Court for Broward County, Florida, the Law Office of Ray Garcia, P.A. prevails on HSBC's Motion for Summary Judgment.  Judge Rothschild in Broward County, Florida denies HSBC's Motion for Summary Judgment and allows homeowner Socorro Hernandez to continue to defend the foreclosure filed against her. Read More

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