What Are Some of the Most Avoidable Issues That Commonly Result in Construction Litigation?

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I’m About to Begin a Construction Project. What Do I Need to Know About Negotiating With the Bank?

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I Own a Construction Sub-contracting Business. What Should I Do if I’m Facing a Lawsuit?

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As a Construction Company, What Should I Include in My Contracts With Subcontractors?

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As a construction company, what should I include in my contracts with subcontractors?

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As a construction company, what steps can I take to protect my business from legal disputes?

As a construction company you want to protect yourself from legal disputes and one of the first ways to do that is to enter into a contract with the homeowner or the person you're building the property for. Enter into a contract with the subcontractor so that you can detail the rights and responsibilities of each one during the course of the construction. You want to set whose obligation it is to do what. You don’t Read More

I signed a pre-construction contract with a developer but I want to get out. Can I do so?

It may be possible to get out of a preconstruction contract and obtain your money back, but you have to remember that pre-construction contracts are generally drafted and crafted by the lawyers for the developer. They've taken their time to make sure that the contract is very solid and tight and in their favor. So, the most important thing to do is just to visit an attorney, have him review the contract thoroughly Read More

I’m about to begin a construction project. What do I need to know about negotiating with the bank?

The draw schedule with the bank is very important because you need to find a way to make sure the bank pays you quickly once you provide them your draw request. If you're not paid on time workers can walk off the project, suppliers can start a lien on the property and really create a lot of chaos and unnecessary expenses. So you need to put, or eliminate, obstacles from the point that you submit your draw request to Read More

I’m a real estate developer and I’m about to hire a construction company. What do I need to include?

There are a lot of different provisions that can be included in a construction contract but the most important aspect of a construction contract is to delegate who is responsible for what or what part of the construction. Many times arguments are caused because the contractor believes that's the job of a subcontractor or the developer believes that's the job of the contractor. Also, timing is important. Provisions Read More

I invested in a construction project that is now behind schedule. Can I get my money back?

If your construction is behind schedule you may be able to get your money back. Generally we have to determine whose fault it is that the project fell behind schedule, and assuming it's no fault of yours, the person or party that fell behind schedule, be it the contractor, subcontractor would very well be in default. It would allow you to either terminate the contract or bring an action for damages, if you've been Read More

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