When Do Real Estate Sellers Need to Undertake a Partition Action?

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What is a Quiet Title Action, and Why is It Useful?

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What is the foreclosure “Discovery” process, and why is it important for a foreclosure defense?

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I don’t believe my property taxes accurately reflect the value of my home. Can I fix this?

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What are some of the pros and cons of purchasing a short sale property?

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What factors do appraisers consider when estimating the value of a property?

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I’m about to buy a home. Do I need a lawyer to represent me?

If you're about to buy a home you absolutely need a lawyer to represent you.  First and foremost, in Miami Dade County or Broward County, the buyer determines who the title company is and many times the title companies are owned by attorneys like our offices and we will also represent the buyer in the process. We can walk them through the transaction and represent them throughout at a much more reasonable rate. Read More

I’m having my home built but it’s full of construction defects. What can I do?

During the building of your property or your house you're seeing that there are certain construction defects, you first have to determine if those really are construction defects. You may not be in a position to make that determination but generally what I've seen done or what I've had clients do is to hire an independent engineer to review the work that's being done and if it truly is a construction defect you need Read More

What does it mean to “close” on a home?

To close on a home is when you finalize the transaction of the purchase of the home. The whole accounting of the transaction is done, the buyer pays his money, all of the parties involved in the transaction are paid and the seller transfers title over to the buyer and the buyer becomes the actual homeowner. At that time is when the seller transfers or signs over the warranty deed. Title searches are completed and Read More

What is title insurance and why would I need it?

Title insurance is issued by a title company that can sell title insurance, basically. Title insurance ensures any defects with the title. Prior to issuing title insurance a title company is going to do a title search, a lien search, to determine if the title is marketable; in essence, if the title is clean. Title insurance is the only insurance that I know of that ensures going back. Most insurance like Read More

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