Property Tax Appeals: How it Works

Step 1: Sign-Up: First, we will handle filing your Value Adjustment Board appeal in order to attempt to lower property tax with all necessary information. After choosing this option all mailed correspondence from the VAB will come to our office. Our specialists will work to obtain a reduction in your property taxes to a fair and reasonable amount. If you feel that your property taxes are higher than what they should be then contact us at or call us at 305-227-4030.

Step 2: Let Us Work For You: If you are busy, let us handle the work. During this process our attorneys will search most listings and values in your county, finding homes with similar and comparable traits. We then do an in-depth comparative market analysis of all homes for sale and/or sold in your area during the relevant time frame.

Step 3: Argue On Your Behalf: Finally, we will argue your case to the Property Appraiser’s Office which can be a very intimidating process if you don’t know what types of evidence to present. Our attorneys will handle all correspondence with the Appraiser’s office and/or Value Adjustment Board on your behalf so you don’t have to fumble through the process.

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