Family Law


Divorce can impact many aspects of your life. It changes your marital status, your financial situation, your relationship with friends, family and even your own children. The family law attorneys of the Law Office of Ray Garcia, P.A. devote our practice to the steadfast pursuit of justice for our clients. We are ready to assert your legal rights, guard your child’s best interests, and help you transition to the next chapter of your life. We recognize that each case is unique, and we will provide the individual consideration that you deserve. Let our divorce attorneys help you get through this process with as little difficulty as possible. 


Paternity gives a man equal rights to decision-making aspects of his child’s life, as well as parenting time (time sharing) and child support. Paternity can be established in a number of ways. If you are a father and have not established paternity of your child or are facing divorce and need to protect your rights as a father, the family law attorneys at the Law Office of Ray Garcia, P.A. can assist you. 

Child Custody (Parenting Plan and Time Sharing)

The stress and anxiety of getting a divorce has a significant impact on both the adults and children involved in the process. During the divorce process, our attorneys will assist you in preparing a Parenting Plan which is a document that details how each party will co-parent their child after the divorce case is over. It includes the important Time-Sharing element which explains when the children will be with each parent. It also explains other factors such as schooling, religious activities, extracurricular activities, and holiday schedules. If the parties cannot agree on a Parenting Plan and Time-Sharing Schedule, then the Court will decide on what is in the best interest of the children with regards to where and when the children spend time with each parent. The circumstances that surround Child Custody make it one of the most difficult issues of a divorce case. Our family law attorneys can guide you through this important process.


Alimony is the allowance paid to a person by that person’s spouse for maintenance, granted by a court upon a legal separation or a divorce or while a divorce action is pending. Alimony is a complex issue because there are no guidelines as to the amount of alimony that should be awarded. At the Law Office of Ray Garcia, P.A., our family law attorneys will review  your specific case  and then analyzes the various factors included in the statutes and the various types of alimony available to determine the alimony to be sought or defended.  

Enforcement and Modification

If you have received a Final Judgment that contains an award of alimony, an order requiring your former spouse to pay you part of their pension, or that they refinance the house to get your name off the mortgage, and your former spouse refuses to comply with the Court’s orders, it can be dealt with by enforcing or modifying the terms and conditions of the various orders entered in your case. Final Judgments, Marital Settlement Agreements and Parenting Plans are all types of orders that can be enforced when one party is not in compliance with the terms and provisions of their provisions. Our family law attorneys can assist you with enforcement and modification of court orders.

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