Property Damage Claims

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Our Firm helps homeowners and business owners who have suffered property damage as a result of a natural disaster. We understand that our clients are overwhelmed during the aftermath of a hurricane, flood, or tropical storm, so our office works to zealously on your behalf to prosecute property claims that  have been denied,, delayed, or  undervalued. 

Our firm is a transactional and litigation-based practice that is AV rated by Martindale Hubbard. Our Firm will handle the entire property damage claims process for you, interpreting the policy documents, determining damages and liability, communicating and negotiating with the insurance company, preparing claims documents, and, if it becomes necessary,   promptly filing a lawsuit; all with the  goal of maximizing your insurance payout. We want you to be made whole as expeditiously as possible so you can get back to your life and business exactly as you knew it prior to the disaster.

IMMEDIATELY AFTER a hurricane, flood or tropical storm 

Immediately after sustaining property damage from any natural disaster and securing the safety of your loved ones, you should begin taking steps to PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY from further damage whether it is with the use of drying equipment, tarps and other forms of water remediation to prevent further damage. Then, DOCUMENT YOUR LOSS For example, you will want to take detailed pictures and video of the damage, locate your insurance policies and any pictures or video of your property prior to the damage, and request and retain all itemized receipts for any emergency repairs performed to secure your home or business, for alternative housing expenses, including the costs of meals and additional travel expenses. Finally, contact a Property Damage claim attorney such as our firm to start the claim process.

The benefits of hiring our firm are that our Attorneys have over 50 years of combined   legal experience. We will work in conjunction with our network of qualified experts and staff to navigate these complex legal matters, determine your rights, responsibilities, ultimate valuation and compensation of your case. Feel free to call us for a free consultation at (305)227-4030.

If you are interested in a free property damage consultation, please indicate so in your inquiry below.

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