ROBOSIGNERS! the What’s of the mortgage industry

The following article discusses what to look for when trying to determine if an assignment or affidavit is fraudulent.

Strongly question the truthfulness and integrity of any assignment or affidavit signed by any of the Robosigners identified above.

The following is a list of criteria’s to look for when trying to determine whether the assignment or affidavit is fraudulent.

1.The document was notarized in Dakota County, Minnesota, or in Hinnepin County MN, or in Duval County Florida or in San Diego CA.

2.The document was executed the same day of the court filing.

3.Party signed as authorized agent, or attorney in fact for servicer or creditor or MERS.

4.Name of servicer or creditor is stamped in block letters.

5.Document appears to be a standard form with fill in the blanks for names and signors.

6.Paragraph numbers are not consistant

7.Party and Notary are the same person

8.Name of signor is not readable.

9.The signature of signor consists of loop in the form of an S or an 8

10.The dates of the signor as stated and the date of the notary are different.

11.The signor is the vice president of many banks

12.Contains many stamped names and dates.

13.The doucument has a last page or another page and the fonts are different.

14.Backdating of dates when the company or bank is out of business

15.Officers of MERS are signors.

16.The party signing is a representative of the servicer.

17.No notary seal.

18.No notary signature.

19.Name of party appearing before notary is blank.

20.Endorsement is in the form of an allonge, when there is room on the note to place endorsement.

21.Document is signed say June first 2008, but effective April 1, 2005.

22.The document pretents to name the trust as the owner signed by an agent for the originator by the servicer.

23.The mortgage is assigned, rather than endorsed from one party to a next.

24.The mortgage is endorsed from the originator to a trust.

25.The affidavit is a lost note affidavit.

26.The affidavit was signed by the same attorney who signed the complaint.

If any of these items are present in the affidavit or assignment that you are reviewing contact an attorney to disucss the matter further.

Ray Garcia, Esq.
Board Certified in Real Estate Law
by the Florida Bar

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