Parenting Plans for Children With Special Needs

Formulating a parenting plan safeguards your children’s well-being during a divorce. There is an extra layer of complexity when the child has special needs. Standard parenting arrangements often fall short of addressing the requirements of these children. Designing plans that cater specifically to the individual needs and daily routines of children with special needs bolsters their growth and ensures the stability Read More

Is Joint Ownership An Effective Means Of Avoiding Probate?

People want simple solutions when it comes to passing on their assets. Joint tenancy with right of survivorship (JTWROS) is a popular choice, but it might not be as simple as it appears. This method allows for direct property transfer outside of probate, yet it has challenges and limitations. Understanding them is essential for those considering this option for estate planning. It's important to weigh the benefits Read More

Legal Challenges Arising from PACE Funding

Pace Funding is a program designed to finance energy upgrades, such as installing solar panels, impact windows, and roofing. One of its unique features is that the loan is linked to your property tax bill. As homeowners explore options to improve their homes and reduce energy expenses, PACE funding emerges as a solid option. However, it is essential to look at it closely to understand fully how it is financed and the Read More

Introducing Attorney Jose Novo: A Key Addition to Our Team

As the demands of our clients and the legal landscape evolve, we, too, need to adapt as a law firm. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce a new member to our team, Attorney Jose Novo. His remarkable journey, fueled by passion and determination, has brought him into the heart of our legal family. Jose’s story is a testament to the enduring power of perseverance and dedication in law. The Path to Becoming a Read More

Loan Modification for Self-Employed Individuals

Seeking a loan modification can be a lifeline for those overwhelmed with monthly payments. They allow you to adjust the terms of your mortgage. People may want a new loan due to financial hardship or a lower interest rate. Either of these could reduce the monthly payments, making your mortgage more manageable and affordable.  For self-employed individuals, this process presents unique challenges. Self-employed people Read More

Common Title Issues & How To Resolve Them

When buying a house or any property, understanding title services and how they can protect you is crucial. It's more than just a step in the buying process. It's your shield against potential legal problems that could arise later. We will elaborate on how title insurance ensures the property’s title is legitimate in a moment. Imagine closing on a home only to discover that the person who sold it wasn’t the true Read More

Relocation With Children After Divorce: Legal Considerations in Florida

Divorce brings significant changes, especially when children are involved. One critical issue for parents is the question regarding their ability to relocate. For parents in Florida, moving with a child after a divorce involves navigating several legal issues. As in any scenario involving children, the most essential element is their best interests. Understanding some legal components connected with relocation is Read More

Advanced Strategies For Using Family Limited Partnerships In Estate Planning

Florida families with significant assets face a unique challenge: passing on their wealth while minimizing estate taxes. One solution is the Family Limited Partnership (FLP). This legal structure offers tax advantages, protection, and asset control. Understanding how FLPs function and their role in estate planning is crucial for anyone looking to secure their family's financial future. FLPs: More Than Just Tax Read More

Will All My Debts Be Forgiven if I File for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is generally a last financial resort when other options, like negotiating with creditors, have fallen short. However, bankruptcy shouldn't be stigmatized but rather viewed as a legal resource for those overwhelmed by debt in Florida. In reality, bankruptcy provides a vital lifeline for individuals to reset their financial standing and get another chance at financial stability and success. According to the Read More

Can Online Reviews Result in a Defamation Lawsuit?

We live in an online world. People use the internet every day to make decisions about the businesses they rely on for various goods and services. This makes online reviews crucial in today’s market, swaying consumer choices when deciding between one Florida business and the next. However, what happens when an online review crosses the line from a helpful critique to a harmful lie that impacts your business’ Read More

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