How a Federal Ban on Non-Compete Clauses Would Impact Florida Businesses

Non-compete clauses prevent employees from jumping from job to job, taking important trade secrets and proprietary information with them. According to the federal government, however, these clauses also suppress wages and limit innovation. Two years after the Biden Administration issued an executive order asking for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to consider a ban on non-compete clauses, the FTC is going through Read More

Why Bankruptcy Might Not Be Your Best Option Even if You Qualify

Debt is crushing Americans. In the second quarter of 2023, the Federal Reserve Bank reported over $17 trillion in debt for U.S. households including over $1 trillion in credit card debt. Families are often torn apart and forced to live well below their means just to manage incredibly high debt payments. Many are forced to turn to bankruptcy. This legal avenue to debt relief appeals as a tool to get out from under Read More

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Real Estate

Buying real estate in this supercharged market can be equally exciting and stressful! Having an experienced real estate lawyer on your side will help make your prospective real estate transaction go as planned. The Florida real estate market can be tricky to navigate, but by working with a real estate lawyer, you will have their experience and expertise to ensure the real estate contract and any transactions work in Read More

How to Avoid Probate

Whether a loved one has recently passed away or you have been avoiding dealing with their estate, the probate process can be incredibly long and drawn out for those mourning the loss of a loved one. Depending on the size of the estate you are dealing with, you may be able to avoid probate, saving yourself time and money. In Florida, if the property left behind by the deceased falls below a certain amount, or if the Read More

Trade Secret Litigation: Protecting Confidential Business Information

The foundation of every successful business is its confidential information, and it is crucial that companies protect this information at all costs. Trade Secrets Trade secrets hold confidential information that gives substantial economic value to a business by giving it a competitive edge. Under federal and state law, companies have statutory protection. Trade secrets are licensable as intellectual property, but Read More

Navigating Child Support: Guidelines, Modifications, and Enforcement

Child support is an obligation ordered through the courts for the financial responsibility for the child’s care, education, training, and maintenance. Florida’s child support law states that no parent can waive child support obligations. What Does Child Support Cover? Child support is put in place to guarantee that the child continues to have a reasonable standard of living. Child support payments may be used in the Read More

Is Your Mortgage Underwater? You Have Options

Buying a home will generally be the most expensive purchase anyone makes in their lifetime. The housing market demands hundreds of thousands of dollars in mortgage loans to fulfill the American dream of owning a home. Of course, this means you assume a massive debt the day you sign your mortgage. Between this massive debt and an unpredictable economy, people understandably fall behind on their mortgage payments. Read More

You Can’t Afford to Wait to Establish Paternity

In June, we celebrate Father’s Day. An opportunity to honor and celebrate the fathers in our lives or those who have played the role of father in our lives. The title holds a lot of weight in our families and in our communities, but the paternal role holds significant weight legally, as well. Too many families end up in limbo due to a failure to establish legal paternity. The legal trapdoors fathers who never Read More

Dispelling Four Myths of the Probate Process for Your Estate

One aspect of estate planning that frequently gets frowned upon by some estate planning attorneys and families alike is the probate process. People have a bad purview of probate as it pertains to their estate or the estate of a loved one that will need to go through the process. In reality, there are some elements of this that can be daunting or difficult, but probate itself is not inherently negative. There is a Read More

New Florida Law Makes Significant Changes to the Insurance Claims Process

In late March, Florida lawmakers passed and signed HB 837 into law. This new law carries significant weight in insurance claims and other areas of law that will leave a lasting impact on Floridians. The law creates new limitations for what you can recover in litigation over a personal injury and/or negligence claim. These limitations give more power to insurance companies, making it even more imperative to hire an Read More

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