What can you expect after filing bankruptcy?

So, you cannot pay your mortgage anymore, you have maxed out all your credit cards and you are receiving non- stop phone calls from creditors. What do you do?
Filing for bankruptcy could put an end to all of that.

Are you concerned that you will never have credit again? Many people are. Many people are concerned with filing bankruptcy because they believe they will never have credit again and it will negatively impact their future, however that is completely wrong! Bankruptcy will appear on your credit report for a certain numbers years, but that does not mean that you cannot obtain credit after filing bankrupt. Typically, creditors and lenders are willing to give credit within three or four years after filing bankruptcy. Many creditors and lenders are willing to give credit to someone, although they have filed bankruptcy, because that person has few debts and that person will not be able to file for bankruptcy until eight years have passed.

You are considering filing for bankruptcy, but are concerned it may prevent you from finding employment?
Many people feel that employers may not consider hiring you because it shows you have filed a bankruptcy. It is ILLEGAL for your current employer or for any form of government employers to discriminate against you because you have filed bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy will not affect any professional licenses in Florida you may have either.

You need to file for bankruptcy, but are concerned it will affect the mortgage modification process you are currently in? If you are applying under the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program also known as “HAMP”, do not think they will deny you simply because you have filed a bankruptcy because you will still be considered equally for a HAMP modification. The government’s HAMP cannot deny you a modification simply because you have filed bankruptcy. Additionally, if you are currently a Borrower who has received a trial modification you cannot be denied a permanent modification, just because you have filed for bankruptcy.

If filing bankruptcy is something you are considering, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 305-227-4030 for a free consultation.

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