4 Common Examples of Intellectual Property Disputes for Which You Need an Attorney

Intellectual property disputes are a unique area of law since they are treated similar to property disputes, but there is (typically) nothing physical involved. In today’s modern world, however, intellectual property can be just as valuable as physical property, and often even more so. If you believe someone has violated your intellectual property rights, or you have been accused of doing so, it is important to have an attorney there to represent your interests. The following are four common examples of intellectual property disputes.

Disputes Related to Logos

In many cases, a company logo is as recognizable as the company name itself, and also just as valuable. If a competitor uses a logo that is the same or similar in an attempt to cause confusion for consumers, it may be a violation of intellectual property laws. Whether this is done intentionally, or on accident, it is a violation of the original company’s rights to their intellectual property.

Manufacturing Patented Products Without License

Manufacturing a product that is patented without first getting a license from the patent owner is a serious violation of intellectual property laws. Even if there have been some changes to the product being manufactured, it could still be illegal if it is similar enough to the patented product in question.

Selling Copyrighted Content Without Permission

Copyrighted content cannot be copied and sold without permission from the copyright owner. The most common example of this is when people make copies of DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, and other things and sell them to others. Growing in popularity is copying digital books and selling them at a significant discount, which can have a negative impact on the copyright holder’s sales numbers.

Trade Secrets

If one company takes action to learn the trade secrets of another company, that can also be a violation of intellectual property laws. This can take place if, for example, a company pays an employee of another company to give them information about a new product line, or to get their client list. While this type of intellectual property is not (yet) copyrighted, it still enjoys legal protections because it is not publicly available.

Get the Legal Protection You Need

If you believe your intellectual property rights have been violated, it is important to act quickly. Contact The Law Office of Ray Garcia to discuss your situation, and see what legal options are available to you. We can also help you take proactive steps to protect your intellectual property by helping with patents, copyrights, and other legal actions.

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