Are your property taxes too high?

Your property tax notice has been mailed to you and you are shocked by how much you have to pay in property taxes this year! Despite the recent economic downturn and a slipping real estate market your property taxes may actually go up this year. If this is your reality, you should know your rights to ensure a proper “fight”. 

In August of each year, Miami-Dade county property owners receive a Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (“TRIM Notice”). This notice shows the prior year’s taxes, the current years taxes, with and without budget changes and the “market” and “assessed” values for the prior and current year. With the current years information property owners may file petitions with the Value Adjustment Board within 25 days of reeving the TRIM Notice, if they feel that the proposed “assessed” value of the property is incorrect. For example, the “assessed” value may not accurately reflect the property’s fair market value as of January 1st of the current tax year. 

Before filing a petition with the Value Adjustment Board, a taxpayer is permitted to review the proposed assessment with the Property Appraisers Office at in informal conference. This informal conference is not a prerequisite to the filing of a petition with the Value Adjustment Board. If you do meet with he Property Appraisers Office prior to filing a petition with the Value Adjustment Board and are dissatisfied with the results you may still file a petition. 

After a petition is filed, a hearing before the Value Adjustment Board’s Special Magistrates is scheduled. The hearing notices are generally mailed withing 30 days prior to the date of the scheduled hearing. Please keep in mind that since the Property Appraiser’s assessment I supported by a “presumption of correctness” under Florida law, the burden of proving that the assessment is too much or illegal falls on the petitioner. In this case it is best to contact an experienced attorney who will let you know what your rights as a property owner are and can properly argue your petition with the Value Adjustment Board. 

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