6 Tips For Life After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a long, difficult process. Like all things, there is an eventual end to it. From there, it can be a long journey back to living life like you knew it before. That can be a good thing, in some cases. A change of pace, while frustrating, can be helpful to people after surviving a process like bankruptcy. Here are six tips we can offer to help improve your life after bankruptcy:

  1. Check Your Credit Score Regularly. You can get a free annual credit report from the major reporting companies, and plenty of services let you see a free score check weekly. This will allow you to see the impact your actions have, and check your progress as you go on.
  2. Create a budget. Life after bankruptcy normally means a scaled-down lifestyle in the immediate aftermath. Creating a budget of what funds you do have and determining where those should go is essential. Consider what things in your life you can go without for a while, and what is truly mandatory.
  3. Consider a credit card. Credit is the double-edged sword of bankruptcy. It is not uncommon for individuals post-bankruptcy to want to stay far away from credit cards. However, rebuilding your credit score is important to eventually be able to fund major life purchases. Consider a lower-risk option, such as a secured credit card with a small limit, and try to form new habits with it.
  4. Keep it positive. Bankruptcy is just a thing that happens to people, like everything else. It is important not to let it define you as a person or consume your thoughts. If you have lived through bankruptcy and are currently rebuilding your life, maintaining a positive outlook is the best defense against plummeting.
  5. Start an Emergency Fund. It’s likely you don’t have anything left in your savings following bankruptcy. Life can come at you fast – you never know when you’ll suddenly need money quickly for car trouble or medicine. Starting a small emergency fund that you can dip into is hugely important for peace of mind.
  6. Preserve Everything. You probably left your bankruptcy process with piles of papers and legal documents you don’t care to see again. You need to save these files in case you need to consult them later. All those documents are an asset to you, and keeping them somewhere you can access them is necessary.

Bankruptcy can be tough, but it’s not the end of the world! There is plenty of hope for a bright new future you can move towards after bankruptcy. If you need help with bankruptcy or other legal needs, contact the Law Offices of Ray Garcia, P.A. today! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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