What is a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage in Florida?

Certain couples who are seeking a divorce in Florida might be able to take advantage of a simplified procedure that can grant spouses a divorce in mere weeks. The process is referred to as a “simplified dissolution of marriage.” Officially, divorces in Florida are referred to in the legal world as “dissolutions of marriage.” 

So, what are the advantages of using this simplified route to divorce your spouse? 

  • You and your spouse forfeit the right to examine and cross-examine each other in court, saving court expenses. 
  • You and your spouse do not have the opportunity to request financial documents, which cuts out a significant portion of a regular dissolution of marriage. This measure also saves money. 

Who is Eligible for a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage? 

Simply put, spouses who do not share much are ideal candidates for a simplified dissolution of marriage. More specifically, all of the following conditions must apply to your situation in order for you to use the simplified procedure: 

  • Neither you nor your spouse has minor children or is expecting a child
  • You and your spouse sign a financial affidavit and property settlement agreement
  • Both parties agree to forego a trial and appeal
  • You and your spouse agree to the risks of the property division agreement if one side doesn’t adhere to the agreement
  • Neither side expects alimony
  • You and your spouse agree to a no-fault divorce (the marriage is irretrievably broken)
  • You and your spouse agree to go to the Circuit Court Clerk’s office and sign all necessary forms
  • Both you and your spouse agree to attend the final hearing. This is a court hearing, in front of a judge. At this hearing, the judge will ask you and your spouse if the information you both submitted is correct. 


Across the internet, you’ll see plenty of articles about simplified dissolution of marriage in Florida. Many of these articles state that this process is acceptable to undertake without the help of an attorney. However, just because the process is simplified (relative to a full divorce) does not mean that it is not extremely consequential for your life and the lives of your children. 

You are still agreeing to important terms on child custody and property division, among others. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you enlist the help of an experienced attorney to help make sure your rights and interests are well-represented. Our team would be honored to help you with any family law matters; give us a call at 305-227-4030 to set up a consultation.

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