Is Your Intellectual Property Being Infringed Upon “Invisibly”?

Modern technology allows companies to reach heights never seen before. That same technology, however, can be a boon for businesses looking to take advantage of the hard work of innovators like yourself.

When we think of trademark infringement, we think of someone explicitly and openly using a registered mark for their benefit. This may still be the most common scenario, but have you heard of “invisible trademark infringement?” We want to catch you up on what this is, how businesses are doing it, and what you can do about it.

Defining Invisible Trademark Infringement

Invisible trademark infringement is as the name suggests – invisible. Businesses will embed keywords on the backend of their website that isn’t visible to the public. These keywords make the website more “search-engine friendly” (taking advantage of what’s referred to as “Search Engine Optimization”). This practice essentially makes their company more appealing to the machines that put them high on search lists without actually making the company more appealing to customers.

How Companies Do It

The best way to showcase how this happens is to look through a hypothetical lens. Let’s consider a situation where a company is taking advantage of Nike’s brand awareness to prop up its own business.

This company would hide Nike and its products as keywords on the backend of its website. Unless they’re licensed to sell Nike products they’re obviously not authorized to use the Nike brand to boost their own business. This practice gets more attention from anyone who searches for Nike even if they have no true connection to the apparel giant.

Invisible trademark infringement can be used over a long period of time or can be used to boost the business until it can find its own footing on the market. In either case, there’s clear infringement that needs to be addressed.

How You Stop It

You don’t want competition taking advantage of the hard work you put in to build your own company and brand. You’ve earned the right to protect your intellectual property. So, you’re going to need to take action (a failure to fight off knockoffs and infringements can actually cost you your trademark registration).

An attorney with experience in commercial litigation handling intellectual property disputes can protect your work. Your attorney would help you file an official complaint regarding the infringement and gather evidence supporting your claim.

At The Law Offices of Ray Garcia, we have decades of experience making sure companies are able to protect what they’ve earned in the marketplace. If you need help defending your hard work, contact our team and we’ll make this right.October 2022 – 1 of 2

Rising Interest Rates Aren’t What You Think

The housing market has been hot for a few years, especially in Florida. That market is finally slowing down – and a lot of buyers are walking away from the market because of the rising federal interest rates. Obviously, these rising rates mean buyers will pay much more over the term of a mortgage, but it’s important to understand what’s actually happening with interest rates.

You’d think, because of news coverage about the rising federal rates, that rates are historically high and putting people in an impossible position. What’s true is that the rates are going up, but they’re not going anywhere near historic levels. In fact, the numbers are simply returning more to the norm.

Federal rates returning to pre-COVID levels

At the time of this writing, the federal interest rate sits at 2.33%. That’s obviously significantly more than the true 0.0% we saw for parts of the pandemic, but it’s not any higher than pre-COVID interest rates.

In July 2019, just over three years ago, the federal interest rate was 2.41%. We haven’t even reached that point yet buyers are being told to sit out of the real estate market. Don’t believe the hype – you’re just going to need to factor this into your budget just as families did before COVID.

Rates are likely to rise again

Now comes the bad news. Right now we’re not seeing devastating interest rates as we did in the buildup to the housing crisis of 2008 – but we may get there soon. Federal officials say rates may rise to 3.25-3.5% by the end of 2022. We have to look all the way back to December 2007 to see rates that high.

What does this mean for buyers?

If you’re still sniffing around the real estate market this may be your time to strike. The rates are still sitting at a relatively normal level with some time left before the rate goes up again. This time of year also sets up for some serious steals because of the homes that didn’t get on the market in time for the summer rush.

Should you find something that fits into your budget and fits what you’re looking for then you should strike now. In a few months, you’re going to be looking at tens of thousands of dollars added to your mortgage.

If historic trends continue, it’s likely a sharp rise in interest rates will be followed by a sharp decline within a few years. It’s not time to panic yet, but it’s important to keep an eye on these rates both as a buyer and seller in the Florida real estate market. At the Law Offices of Ray Garcia, we can help you navigate the market and make sure you’re getting the right price for the right home. Contact our team and make sure you’re in the right hands.

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