Managing Holiday Stress as a Recently-Divorced Parent

This time of year can be exciting. There are plenty of holiday events, opportunities to get the family together, and time to rest. Of course, this time of year doesn’t look the same for everyone and can create certain stressors and challenges for divorced parents.

There’s still plenty to be excited about, but we want to address those stressors. It’s important to take care of yourself and manage what’s to come – especially if you’re in the middle of a custody or support battle and need to preserve your case. After all, your actions may come into account in the courtroom.

Set Reasonable Expectations

Right off the bat, you need to set yourself up for success. A key to this will be understanding your circumstances (set the bar there).

Do you have limited-to-no time with your kids? This certainly hurts and may be a challenge as this is your first holiday season without them, but avoid encroaching on that boundary so as to not cost yourself in the long run. If you do have custody or visitation but are trying to work with your ex then consider what traditions their family may have that your kids should be a part of.

Ultimately, expectations as a divorced parent this time of year may simply be staying the course you’re already on. The courts will sometimes issue visitation guidelines for the holidays that decide who gets the children on which holidays which can alleviate any debate between the divorcees.

Spend Time With Loved Ones

It can be easy to sit around and watch the clock in between your time with your children. This will surely be a recipe for disaster that only adds to stress levels, so you should work to fill that time.

Your loved ones will likely welcome you with open arms during this time as they understand you’re dealing with a new chapter in life. It’s okay to take advantage of that time and lean on them when they’re able.

Loneliness can trigger a lot of physical and emotional responses from us. Studies show the holidays are a time of loneliness and isolation for many. Protect yourself and your mental health by being around others you love and care for.

Know That No Family Is Perfect

This brings us to our next point: if you’re spending a lot of time with your siblings and their families or other families don’t get caught up thinking their family is perfect. Sure, they may not be divorced and may have the kids in the home, but every family has challenges they face from time to time.

Your divorce doesn’t mean you’re alone in overcoming familial obstacles. This thought process can push you away from your loved ones. It’s important to avoid letting those thoughts fester and get in the way of progress.

Talk To Your Attorney

Your divorce attorney knows your case. They know what custody and visitation rights you’re owed. Their job during this time of year may be to ensure you’re getting the time you’re owed with your children.

At The Law Offices of Ray Garcia, we understand this time of year isn’t all holiday cheer for everyone. If you’re going through a divorce or need help protecting the rights you’ve earned, contact our offices today.

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