Traits to Look for in a Guardian for Your Minor Children

There are few experiences that compare to being a parent. You are taking a huge leap of faith in your own ability to care for and raise a child into a capable adult who can contribute to our world. This can be intimidating, but so many parents will tell you just how fulfilling the experience can be, as well.

What many parents, even those on the younger side, need to think about is not just how you will protect your child during your lifetime but also how you will protect your child while you’re no longer around to do so. We can’t always predict life’s biggest changes, so it’s best to get ahead of unexpected twists and turns through proper planning.

Guardianship is a tool that allows you to appoint someone (or multiple people) who will care for and make decisions on behalf of your children when you’re gone or otherwise unable to do so yourself (i.e. incapacitation). Choosing the right guardian can ensure your wishes and the needs of your child are accounted for.

Reliability and Availability

First and foremost, you need to make sure your child’s guardian will be around to make these decisions. They should be someone who is accountable, organized, and able to quickly react when the need arises. On top of that, you need to ensure they’ll actually be around when you’re gone or incapacitated. Choosing someone who is much older to be your child’s guardian runs the risk that they will predecease you, rendering your appointment null.

On the Same Page

You can dictate much of what the guardianship will look like. You may have preferences surrounding how your child is raised, what education they receive, what faith they’re raised in, how their healthcare looks, and much more. If you and your chosen guardian(s) have many different views then they may go astray from the plans you’ve laid for your child. It’s important to have extensive conversations with them to get on the same page about the path you hope your child takes even after you’re gone.


Is your chosen guardian a parent? That’s a great start! This experience can help them prepare for and fulfill the role of guardian and take care of their growing child. Of course, your guardian doesn’t have to be a parent. There are other types of experience that can benefit your child such as working in childcare, working in education, working in pediatrics, or other roles that align closely with young children.


This circles back a bit into the reliability trait, but it’s important enough to stand on its own. A stable life for your child is imperative in their growth. You don’t want a situation where your child will be forced into a constantly shifting lifestyle and have curveballs forced their way every day. Instead, you should look for a guardian who can provide stability, especially in the time of transition after your death.

At The Law Offices of Ray Garcia, we have worked with Florida families to ensure their children are protected and accounted for through all of life’s biggest changes and challenges. We can draft the necessary documents and make sure you are setting your family up for success in the long hall. Contact our offices and get a plan that will reach all of your biggest goals.

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