What Your Florida Property Damage Claim Will Look Like

We’re now into January which means Hurricane Season has come and gone, but this doesn’t signal the end of property damage concerns for Floridians. Numerous other concerns continue to be a risk to your property.

The process of filing a claim in Florida requires attention to detail and an understanding of deadlines to ensure your claim doesn’t fall short. We want to walk you through this process so you can be better prepared for the next steps.

Notifying the Insurance Company

Your first step in the actual claims process will be to notify the insurance company as soon as possible. Life might be overwhelming right now, especially if it’s your home that has sustained major damage, but the earlier you do this the earlier you can be compensated for your losses. In the event of a car accident, you may end up filing a claim to your own insurance company and to the insurance company of the other driver(s).

Documenting the Damage

This can happen before or after the step of notifying your insurance company that you intend to file a claim. Ultimately, though, this will be one of the most important steps as you’ll need to determine the actual dollar amount you believe you’re owed for the damage done to your property. This can include taking pictures of the damage, making a list of all property and items that were lost because of the incident, and gathering any receipts or proof of purchase you have for lost items.

Filing a Proof of Loss Statement

Now that you’ve documented the damage, the insurance company will require you to file a proof of loss statement. This statement doesn’t need to be extensive documentation of everything you gathered in the previous step but will need to include information about what happened, what the damage is, and the current value of all property and items damaged. You should reference your insurance policy to verify how long you have to complete this step (most policies give you between 30 and 60 days to do so). Once you have filed this statement, your insurance company has 10 days to begin the investigation.

Insurance Company Ruling

The insurance company and/or the adjustor they assign to your case will likely have additional questions throughout the investigation. Once all questions are answered and the investigation is complete, the insurance company will issue a decision on your claim. They can fully or partially approve your claim or completely deny the claim altogether. Florida Statute 627.70131 says the insurance company must issue this decision within 90 days of receiving the initial claim.

Contact An Attorney If Your Insurance Company Falls Short

You have the option of working with an attorney through the claims process to make sure you don’t slip up and cause the claim to be automatically denied. If you haven’t done this and end up with your claim either being partially or fully denied or delayed, contact an attorney. Your insurance company has to act in good faith and owes every policyholder compensation based on the terms of the policy. Litigation may be your best option to get the compensation you deserve.

At The Law Offices of Ray Garcia, we value honesty and integrity. We have extensive experience with insurance companies and with property damage claims – and we know insurance companies will sometimes do whatever it takes to get out of paying a claim. Contact our team for a Florida property damage law firm that will fight for every penny you’re owed.

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