Talk to Your Young Adult Children About These Documents

We all remember the feeling of turning 18. You have officially transitioned into adulthood with newfound freedoms accessible for us to bask in. There is often a sense of belonging to the wider world around you but with those new freedoms come new responsibilities.

As parents, seeing our children grow up to be adults can be a proud but stressful process. We must give them the space to grow while also accounting for legal and financial responsibility and support. With Spring Break coming up, it’s a great time to get with your children who are over 18 and back home for the break to get certain estate planning documents in place.

There are specific documents that make the transition into adulthood easier while also ensuring the parents still have access to care for their young adult children should certain circumstances arise. This is especially true if your children are moving out on their own, going to college, or entering the military at age 18. These documents are referred to as Durable Powers of Attorney.

There are two types of POA documents that are important for parents and young adults to be aware of. Once someone turns 18, their parents no longer have any legal right to access their medical or financial records.

This prevents parents from making any medical or financial decisions on behalf of their adult children should something happen and their child is unable to make those decisions themselves. On top of that, if an adult is in the hospital and a POA has not been established then the parents will be left in the dark about where their child is, what condition their child is in, and what care their child is receiving.

Healthcare Power of Attorney This allows you to access medical records related to your adult child and play a role in making decisions on their behalf. This is especially important if your child is going off to college or living on their own.

Financial Power of AttorneyThis provides access to your children’s financial records and bank accounts, allowing you to make decisions on their behalf and manage what is coming in and out of their accounts more closely. This is especially important for situations where an adult child is still financially dependent on their parents.

At the Law Offices of Ray Garcia, we want to inform more young adults about the importance of having these documents in place. You can call us at (305) 227-4030 or contact us online and our team can help you get these documents in place so you and your family can move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

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