3 Estate Planning Resolutions For 2022

The New Year is a great time to reflect on everything that changed in your life over the last twelve months and where you want to go from here. It is also a great time to check in on something directly related to your life - your Estate Plan. An Estate Plan is a legally-binding plan created with the help of an attorney that dictates what you want to happen to your remaining property, belongings, and money after you Read More

4 Ways Divorced Parents Can Improve Their Communication

Some divorcing couples think that once the final papers are signed, they’ll never have to speak to their spouse again. For parents, it doesn’t quite work like that. Parents getting divorced tend to transition from living together and seeing each other every day to simply talking to each other every day and coordinating schedules. It isn’t quite the clean break that some couples would prefer. It can be frustrating to Read More

Mortgage Modifications Can be Helpful, but Not Every Homeowner Qualifies

Florida’s booming housing market does not mean that plenty of homeowners are not struggling to pay off their mortgages. Forbearance and other COVID-related programs have ended. The economy is still in a state of flux. For many Floridians, a modification to their mortgage loans is the best option. What is a Loan Modification? A mortgage loan modification is an adjustment to your existing mortgage. The modification Read More

What is a ‘Cramdown’ in Bankruptcy, and How Can it Help?

The public has been conditioned to view “bankruptcy” as a frightening event. It destroys finances, destroys your credit, and causes families to lose everything they own. Bankruptcy is a big decision that should not be taken without a significant amount of thought and consideration, but it helps countless people get a fresh financial start.  Businesses have several types of bankruptcies to choose from, but Read More

What Does ‘Undue Influence’ Actually Mean in the Context of Estate Planning?

When anyone leaves a Last Will and Testament, the chances are extremely high that their loved ones know what the document will say. After all, effective estate planning involves setting expectations for your heirs and beneficiaries.  On rare occasions, though, loved ones of the decedent are surprised at the terms of the Will. For instance, what made the testator change their mind about dividing the estate between Read More

The Importance of Foreclosure Discovery for Florida Homeowners

Through a few instances of bad luck, the dream of homeownership can quickly turn into the nightmare of foreclosure for Floridians. The economy and housing market have been volatile for 18 months, and the eviction moratorium has been lifted. If you have been served with a foreclosure notice and you know you can’t pay, there are still plenty of opportunities to fight. After You Have Filed an Answer and Affirmative Read More

An Annulment is NOT the Same Things As a Divorce

Most spouses who are thinking of getting a divorce have also heard of the term annulment. Plenty of people believe that a divorce (called a dissolution of marriage in Florida) and annulment are synonymous. Simply put, that’s not the case.  It’s true that both legal procedures end with two unmarried individuals, but fundamental legal differences exist:  A divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage so that Read More

4 Advantages of Forming an LLC

The limited liability company (LLC) business structure has a rich history in the Sunshine State. After the first LLC was formed in 1977 in Wyoming, Florida was one of the early adopters. Still, in many respects, the LLC is a fairly new business structure. There are plenty of advantages for entrepreneurs who use this legal structure, which we explain below.  LLCs offer protection for an owner’s personal assets. Read More

How to Find a Good Trustee in Florida

Trusts, once thought to be estate planning documents only for the rich and famous, are being used by estate planners of all stripes and net worths. This legal arrangement transfers ownership of certain assets from an individual to the trust itself, which allows families to avoid probate (among other benefits).  The important people involved in a trust are the grantor (creator of the trust), beneficiary, and trustee. Read More

Common Reasons for Wrongful Termination Suits in Florida

Florida, like most states, is an at-will state. This means employers may terminate a worker’s employment at any time, for any reason, with or without cause, and for any reason. Many states have certain exceptions for at-will employment, but Florida is among the handful of states that do not have any exceptions—except for wrongful terminations recognized by law.  Title VII Discrimination The federal Civil Rights Act Read More